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Smart PNG / JPG Image Upscaler

Upscale and enhance your image by using the latest AI technology. Support batch process. Upscale multiple images as simple as TINYPNG compressing them!

Drag and drop images

JPG or PNG. Max Size 5MB or 1000px

Non-login users can upscale images up to a maximum dimension of 4000x4000 for free.
Produce images up to 16000x16000px, and enjoy batch upscaling. Starting from $3.9. ⇒

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Lightning fast and super powerful

Move the slider on the image to check the before-after images simply. The AI could produce better result if the image is clear at its original small size.

Why Use ImgUpscaler

ImgUpscaler is a new product and brand from ImgLarger. In this section, I would like to show you the reason why we release this new tool and the difference between ImgUpscaler and ImgLarger.

Bulk image upscaling technology

PPowered by the upscaling technology from ImgLarger, ImgUpscaler will focus on deep learning and super-resolution technology. Especially, ImgUpscaler will provide a faster and bulk image upscaling process. If you want to upscale multiple images at one time, ImgUpscaler could be your best option.

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All-in-one photo AI technology provider

ImgLarger provides comprehensive AI solutions for your photo enhancement, enlargement, background removing, even photo to sketch, photo to cartoons. The AI Image Enlarger produces results with higher quality than ImgUpscaler but more time required. Use ImgLarger if you prefer higher quality and resolution.

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Showcase and comparison

We optimize the upscaling algorithm for Anime and Cartoon pictures. We get better results than ImgLarger, Waifu2x. The Best Anime / Cartoon Photos Upscaler. Go 4k and Wallpaper


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