Feel so sorry but we have to release the pricing plan for keeping our tool

Feel so sorry but we have to release the pricing plan for keeping our tool

Since we have released ImgUpscaler, the best and fastest image upscaler on Sep 2021, it has attracted thousands of users and visitors to our website and upscale images for totally free. It also won the #3 of the Day on Producthunt. Shared by the Marko Denic, Abdulaziz Hmadi, siecledigital.fr. It’s my great honor and I appreciated it so much.

Why release the pricing plan

However, keeping a small business afloat in difficult economic times is challenging, especially we are struggling with the COVID-19 and the potential threats from Omicron. More importantly, we have to pay up to attract skilled developers to improve the AI algorithm and pay more amid rising server costs used for AI training and calculation.

In order to make the image upscaling process as fast as it could and support the batch process, we improve the AI upscaling algorithm based on AI Image Enlarger. Deploy the models in the industry’s most cost-effective and versatile GPU instances, the Amazon EC2 G4 and G5 series, that feature the latest NVIDIA power.

However, the bandwidth, storage, and GPU calculation cost for every hour, and we cannot have a good balance of the cost and incoming, by just displaying the Google ads. That is the main reason we have to release the pricing plan to maintain our business and this online tool.

About the pricing plan

We design the pricing plan carefully. You can choose the Day Plan, Monthly Plan, and Yearly Plan.

Free package

We provide 10 free images for upscaling every week. You can upscale your images without creating an account. No additional limitation at all.


  • Day Plan - $9

If you just want to use image upscaler in short term, the day plan is preferred. It is not an auto-renew subscription and gets expired after 24 hours.

  • Monthly Plan - $19/Month

Best option if you use image upscaler frequently. Auto-renewal.

  • Yearly Plan - $69/Year

Save quite a lot of your money if you want to use our tool in long term.

Coupon Code

In the first month, I provide a 50% coupon code so you can save your money.


Login premium account of ImgLarger

The premium member of ImgLarger could log in to your premium account directly here and use Image Upscaler without any limitation. If you have no such account, you can sign up and upgrade here.

Top image upscaler tool comparison

We also list all image upscaler tools here and make a comparison about the functions, features, and pricing. You can choose any of you want from the list.

Image UpscalersPricingFree CreditsPaid CreditsMax Output SizeBatch
ImgUpscalerStart from $910/WeekUnlimited16000*16000yes
ImageUpscalerStart from $310/month100/month4000*4000no
UpscalerStart from $73208000*8000no
Icon8Start from $9399/month12000*12000no
BigJpgStart from $620/month500/month16xyes
Deep-imageStart from $95100/month5000*5000no
CutoutStart from $5140/monthUnknowno


It is promised that if we can balance the cost and incoming, we will adjust our pricing so you can enjoy the best cost-effective image upscaler services! You can contact me via the Livechat on imglarger.com and follow my twitter below:

“Always deliver more than expected. To build the web's most cost-effective batch image upscaler tool!”Shane Steven