Join the VertexAI Discord to Get Credits and Unlock Yearly Premium

Join the VertexAI Discord to Get Credits and Unlock Yearly Premium

Hello imgupscaler users! Are you ready to dive into a world of creativity, fun, and rewards? The VertexAI is bustling with excitement. We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new campaign that will enhance your experience with our product and reward you for being a part of VertexAI. As we continue to grow and thrive, we want to express our gratitude by giving back to our loyal users and introducing the VertexAI Server campaign – a unique opportunity to earn points and unlock exclusive upgrades while inviting new users to our thriving community on Discord.

What is the VertexAI Server Campaign

Our VertexAI Server campaign is about building connections, expanding our community, and allowing you to level up your experience. By inviting friends, colleagues, and fellow enthusiasts to join our Discord server, you not only introduce them to the fantastic world of VertexAI but also can be redeemed for exciting rewards.

Joining the VertexAI Family Server

Click on our exclusive Discord server invitation link: VertexAI Server

Complete the newbie tasks listed below to get acquainted with the community.

Newbie Tasks:

  • Step 1: Visit the 'get-your-roles' channel and click the button to get your roles.
  • Step 2: Drop by the 'general' channel and give a friendly hello to your fellow adventurers.

How does the Invitation Task Work?

  • Step 1: Craft your personalized invite link (please avoid using the official VertexAI Discord link) and ensure to tick the "Set this link to never expire" option.
  • Step 2:Share your unique link with friends, encouraging them to join the server using it.
  • Step 3: After your friends have successfully joined and completed the newbie tasks, and @ them in the 'invite your friends' channel.

The Rewards Await You

Invite New Members Less Than 10

  • Invite one member, both the inviter and the invitee get 100 credits and a 40% off coupon code for imgupscaler to use on an annual membership.
  • Invite 2 members and get 200 credits in addition to the coupon code, and so on.

Invite 10 New Members

  • Upgrade to a Free Yearly Advanced Account ($69 Value)!

By inviting just 10 people to join the VertexAI Server, you will earn a complimentary upgrade to our Yearly Advanced Account valued at $69. This advanced account grants you access to various advanced tools, exclusive features, and priority customer support. It's our way of saying thank you for your dedication and for helping our community flourish.

How Do I Apply for A Prize

  • Step 1: After completing the task, you can see the message in the invite-moderate channel, the users you invited, and the number of people invited.
  • Step 2: Go to the support-invite-ticket channel and click on the icon“I’m Ready!”. You will get a ticket in a ticket privacy channel where there are staff and you. Just follow the ticket instructions and the format to send the award you want to apply for.
  • Step 3: Click "Close" to close the channel after sending your prize application. The staff will collect your email address and send the award after verification.

Campaign Period

Get ready for two weeks of exhilarating fun! The campaign runs from August 17 to August 31.

Important Notes:

  • The more friends you refer, the more points you earn.
  • The friends you invite must stay on the server to be eligible for points.
  • Please remember that generating your invite link is crucial. Do not use the official VertexAI Discord link when inviting friends.
  • Please be truthful when applying for prizes, as any discrepancy between the actual prize and what is claimed will result in disqualification!

Get Started Today

At VertexAI, we believe in the power of unity and the joy of collective growth. Join the VertexAI Server campaign and be a part of this exciting journey. Let's expand our community, enhance our experiences, and earn rewards together. Welcome to the VertexAI!

                                                                                                                The VertexAI Team